The Desnoyer Park



Every year for the summer picnic, DPIA creates a new neighborhood t-shirt. Some neighbors have shirts going back 20 years. In recent years we have added additional neighborhood apparel, mugs, etc. The goal is to offer neighbors items to support neighborhood pride at a cost that is very close to what DPIA purchases these items for. Merchandise sales provide a very small amount of fundraising for the neighborhood as well.

Classic Design Neighborhood T-shirts

These super-soft neighborhood T-shirts are printed in the neighborhood by Rebel Ink. They come in adult and kid's sizes. Each summer picnic brings a new shirt. Start your collection now.

Trucker Hat

A new addition to the line-up in 2020, the neighborhood hat has shaded a face or two by now.

The Classic Mug

A microwave safe mug with the classic Desnoyer Park logo

Park Navigator Mug

A diner-style coffee mug with a map of the neighborhood and a different logo from the traditional.

Want to see what we have in stock?

The stock of all items is greatest at the neighborhood picnic in the late summer, but we often have additional merchandise in the off-season if you are looking for a holiday gift or you broke your coffee mug. 

Got a new idea for neighborhood goods?

Contact us with your idea. We are always open to new ideas that increase neighborhood pride.